God Or Religion? Who do you follow?

For most of us it might take a bit more than a ponder to answer this question. Coz it requires a bit more than practical intellect to cross the thin line between the two. However, thin the line may be, it surely is significant.
I am an atheist if being a believer requires you to follow a religion. But I do believe (strongly) that God does exist. No, I am not confused, neither do I intend to confuse you. Theism rests on the belief that there is God. But religion is something that overturns the very definition of God. What (or Who) is God? Someone who can rise above our heads with abnormally numerous hands and heads? Or someone who demands sacrifices and starvation? Someone who can kill demons like a child’s play? Someone who can drink up the waters of the sea and lift mountains on a pinky? Someone who can destroy the world in a blink? Someone who wants you to follow strict religious practices or someone who can punish you for not kneeling down in front of him a number of times in a day?
No, God is well above all these rather petty descriptions. He is someone who is beyond anger and wrath, someone who knows to love, forgive and protect. Anger, punishments, hatred, destruction are all man-made.
Why is there a different God for him, you and me? Some believe non-violence may make God happy, others kill with the same purpose. We went on a trip to Haridwar and Hrishikesh with friends long ago. One of us was an Islamic girl, who refused to take a dip in the Holy Ganga, stating that it is considered shameful and is prohibited in Islam for a girl to bathe in open. How ironic! Those who were in Ganges and the one standing outside, both wished to make their God(s) happy. But if God is one, why would he teach different morals to his children?
God is Godly, religion however is, man-made. Let’s move towards God…and leave the rest.

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