It’s all about getting started..

You know what… if its hard to do, it’s harder to start doing. You won’t believe it took me several years, scores of months, hundreds of days, thousands of minutes and zillions of resolves to get started with a blog of mine. What’s the catch? That’s because, I am a writer! I write for a living, I write for leisure, I write for kids and I write for my hubby…I write and write.. that’s what I do. But whenever it came to writing for my personal blog.. God only knows what forbode me from doing what I do for the major part of the day.
Anyways, finally, I have given it a try once again. And this time with WordPress. I hope to keep blogging. I hope to keep discussing, brainstorming and sharing with you. I hope to amuse you, shake you, motivate you and stuff.. Of Course, I hope not to bore you..And finally, I hope to make new aquaintances. So write to me on what you think about what I think of the world.


2 thoughts on “It’s all about getting started..

  1. HImani Gupta says:

    Cheer sto you gal…Imust say…you have really succeeded in doing the same…you have amused, shaken and gone to even motivate me as well…keep it going and let me knw if you get stuck, i shall follow yo my master and even give yo a push when in need… 🙂

  2. Awww how sweet. Dat’s what I call a creative and compassionate friend. Thanks dear. I know u r always there to compliment me

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