I am reborn: speaks a mom’

That's Parth

Like a bud, like a bloom,
Like an unexpected loom,
You came to me like bliss,
Like a dewy, adoring kiss

You know I love you,
I know you do,
Coz, you are my bit,
And im yours too.

You smile, you play,
And want me to stay
Coz you know, I can’t live
Keeping you at bay

When I now write for you
O’ my lovely lil’ kin,
I don’t know it’s my soul,
Or God speaks from within

I worship the moment,
the minute, the day,
when you became mine
I ardently pray

O lord, the ruler, the Almighty,
How should I thank you,
To have chosen to gift
A baby as pure the morning dew….

Dedicated to my son, Parth, who came as a blessing 9 months ago

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9 thoughts on “I am reborn: speaks a mom’

  1. Anil Kumar says:

    Superb Poem. creativity at its very best…..

  2. Nitesh says:

    Awesome poem priya, straight from the heart.
    toooo gud

  3. cheena says:

    god bless

  4. Kumar Aanand says:

    Direct dil se.

  5. HImani Gupta says:

    Ohh God m speechless and i better not say nething but bless u n parth!

  6. Thanks Himani…’Tank u auntie’ says parth 😉

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