I exist because you imagine I do

Starting with an apology to Shekhar Kapur, who seems to have coined the phrase (I don’t know if it has been taken from somewhere; if that’s the case, an apology to the original writer as well) It’s just that, these words just managed to strike a chord with my innate beliefs. This phrase is far truer than truth, far purer than purity. As per me, the truth of all the heavy and heavenly words –God, world, spirituality, solace, Nirvana.. rests upon this simple yet profound statement. (I wish, I could have set it as my status/bio line in twitter and facebook. But it has already been taken by people of high repute and recognition.)
Not only man, every entity in this whole vast universe exists on the very foundation of belief. God, in particular, is nothing but a belief, a faith, and an experience that if and only if realized exist. God for me exists, because I imagine it does. For someone down the street if God is not more than a mythical fabrication, It does not exist for him. Your imagination accounts for the truth.
I remember, one of my cousins, going an atheist way which caused a wave of sheer shock and abhorrence from everyone in the family (in a devout, pious Tamil Brahmin family you can’t expect a softer reaction on atheism). But I chose to take a detour and conclude that if he (my atheist cousin) doesn’t believe that there is something called God in this world, that’s because he didn’t feel He is there. God is definitely not there in his world. He exists only if you imagine he does…

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