Memories .. on the not-so-idiot box

The best thing about memories is that they, like wine, get more desirable with time. While traversing my cellar of old wine, I mean, memories, I found some really invaluable bits. I am sure that will take you for a glide across the memory lane.
I don’t remember precisely, but I must be 2 or 3 when this gem of a video used to get aired at prime time on DD.

mile-sur mera tumhara

mile-sur mera tumhara

If that’s patriotism, I am glad. But I think, it is the composition and the cinematography of this video that makes me want to shout from the rooftop, ‘I love India.’
Mile sur mera tumhara

However, archaic it may seem now, Doordarshan surely had some gems a decade or two ago. Gems that are rarely found in the most viewed TV channels today. Here’s one more cute, cuddly yet inspiring video that made me and a lot of kids of my age feel united, feel Indian.

ek chidiya

ek chidiya

Ek anek

I know today the other name for daily soaps is Ekta Kapoor. Love her or hate her, but she makes sure you can’t ignore her. Don’t worry; the next video is not going to be Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki or the Kyunki .. thing. But something that made me wait for it throughout the week and then the entire day till 9 pm for it.


My mom says I once even expressed my desire to be Vyomkesh Bakshi’s assistant. (Stop laughing, will you)



This story of an Indian Tarzan surely kept many gripped and glued to it. Even today, when I hear the title song as ringtones, I get transported to the jungle amid that fun-loving pack of wolves.
Jungle book

Jungle Book

Jungle Book

I love Mogli, I love Bhalu, I love Bhagira but Im crazy about …..Sher khan.
How I wish, it comes on air again, so that my son gets to watch it.
When it comes to cartoons, I adore this one too…



Duck tales
Uncle Scrooge diving in his money mine is a sight.. I am sure many will agree.
Now the best of all. It’s not a memory entirely, as Star Utsav keeps on airing it again and again. And it surely grabs some good TRPs even after more than two decades. It’s mighty, it’s majestic, it’s


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2 thoughts on “Memories .. on the not-so-idiot box

  1. Ankit Saxena says:

    Excellent blog. It was a walk down the memory lane. Priya ji, if you remember, the song ‘mile sur mera tumhara’ also had Rishi Kapoor along with Ranbir Kapoor and many other established celebrities of that time.

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