Too much chirping…



… becomes a headache. Ever heard a flock of pheasants chirping all together. That’s not sweet. That’s chaotic. Wondering what I am blabbering about? Excuse me, I am not blabbering. I am talking sense about the non- sense which the world has adopted as the most loved kid.
Twitter, Twitter All the Time
Twitter to eat and drink,
Hey You! Tweeting all the time,
Stop for a while and think!



Those who think this blog is going to be a ‘Booo Twitter’ thing, let me tell you- you can follow me
Social media is undoubtedly worth getting addicted. The world is right there- completely accessible, keeping the doors open for you to get in, find out what they think, what they do and what they see. Gifted with gab or not, social media gives everyone of us the freedom to voice our thoughts. The difference lies in how interesting your thoughts are or atleast how interestingly you put them forth. But have you noticed something off late? Things have gone past thoughts.
“Gosh! my I-Phone Battery Dying…”
“Hungry.. but is it lunch time or dinner time. My body doesn’t know what to think..”
“got pizza if ya want some, i ate cake for dinner lol. And i cant think of anything!!!”
“I’m a girl. So I wanna wear a dress black or blue one.”

I am not quoting the names of the tweeters, to avoid getting pelted with sandles and stones. But, hey! Don’t you think tweeters are tweeting just for the sake of tweeting. I mean, there’s no thought sharing going on here; no one’s expressing what he thinks about the recently elected senator, a newly introduced Ipad, mobile phone or pizza; no one’s supporting a cause or charity; no sharing of blog or news links! Who the hell would be interested in what you ate for dinner, what time you slept or woke up and when was the last time you farted for that matter…

I am sorry for being rude. But it’s just plain titter-tatter going on twitter these days. Ask yourself- do you tweet to promote your blog or website? Do you tweet to be in the hot discussion going on? Or is it just about updating your followers with your daily schedule?

Some really stupid twitabits (oops, being twittish again. Twitabits= ‘twitter habits’)
• Caring about ‘how many’ you follow rather than ‘who’ you follow.
• Trying to be witty and wise through some made up quotes.
• Posing as a geeky, punky, futuristic self, when you aren’t one. (“LOVEN’ the Pan!!!! — but have to admit – sorta’ love em’ all!” Any guesses, what the tweet is about. Don’t ask me, coz I am in the dark.)

And yes, for those who took enough pains to track my tweets just to check if I have been true to my guidelines, let me tell you that I had broken all these ‘wise tweeting’ rules and now I am well above them. So it’s ok, if you have been doing these till now. Get over them ASAP.
Pls guys.. talk sense. You know I mean, tweet sense.

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One thought on “Too much chirping…

  1. HImani Gupta says:

    Couldn’t agree more to what you have articulated here…
    Sm people r seriously Tweetadicts…n sm wt my husband too is one of them 😉

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