It’s funny when a writer writes on crappy subjects and for pesky, nuthead clients (oops, did I just lose some!) and when it comes to writing for her own personal blog, she finds her voc-bag empty. All these days when priyagettingcreative was actually ‘not’ getting creative, I used to log in to my account, stare at the new post page ..keep on staring for a while and came out of it without writing a word.
However, today I realized my mistake. Taking a leaf out of some successful bloggers’ book (or blog for that matter) I promise myself not to look for that ground-breaking subject to write. Yes, the problem with many naïve bloggers like me is that they look for topics to write. I recently realized that a blog is for two types of people-
1. Blabbermouths, chatter-boxes, gossip lovers – these types of people may be gifted with gab but are cursed with the inability to keep quiet and disconnected with listeners. So when they don’t talk, they choose to write.
2. Introvert, loners- when they can’t speak, they prefer to write.
I however, lie somewhere in between 1 and 2.
Today, I got inspired by some exemplary bloggers. One of them is Julia, the authorstream blogger. I love the way she writes. Simple, connecting words that keep you hooked throughout. She goes on and on about her family, friends, boyfriend, aunt, cat, squirrel and adds a line at the end about authorstream that actually pays her to promote them . I was initially quite curious about her approach. I mean, she is paid to promote authorstream ppt, but she rarely talks about them. But then I realized, it is a very interesting way to keep the visitors connected to the blog and keep them following your posts. Thanks Julia, you might not even be aware, but you did slip me a tip on how to be good at blogging. You rock!

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. HImani Gupta says:

    Awesome attempt and i really appreciate your resolution on writing without a topic in mind. Its important to speak your mind out with no apprehensions attached. Well kudos to julia who inspired you and to you, who has now inspired me. Thanks Priya, please keep the good work going…! 🙂

  2. […] message. I read the message and clicked on the link she had left there. It was her personal blog ( I quickly glanced through and saw my name in the last paragraph. When I read what she wrote, […]

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