Finally, oil and water mixed and mixed well..

Oil and water. That’s what I call our relationship. What else would you call the wedding of two entities with a world of difference between them? The two entities in concern is me and the man of my life.
Words that describe me- Curious, confused, adventurous, creative and stupid. Words for him, just fill the opposites.
Sushant is lazier than any homo sapien, especially, when you have interesting things going around, you would find him want to doze off. All he needs to lead his life is a couch and a TV remote control. But when it comes to facing adversities, there is hardly anyone with a greater presence of mind than him. And I show my utter stupidity on those testing times. I am a social kid. Loves to be surrounded by the world, atleast virtually on social media. But even if you run an advanced search for Sushant, you won’t find him anywhere on the Internet. Adventures? For Sush, the word translates to waste of time. Probably, he must be the only living creature left on the planet who hates travelling. (Contact Me, if you wish to interview this endangered species)
Wonder how we got along? Well, even I am trying to figure that out. Actually, cupid managed to strike us on the very first go when we had placed our first steps out into the realm of adolescence. And since then I remember agreeing to him just once- that’s when he asked me – “would you be my friend?” Yeah, that happened to be a cliché at that time. Whenever a guy was to propose to a girl, he would indirectly ask her to be his friend, even if they had been friends for a decade. I hated him to follow this cliché, but loved his innocent eyes, which didn’t look into mine, instead seem to look for a lost penny on the floor. I wanted him to go for a second trial with a bit more grace, but resorted to say ‘yes’ and not torture him further.
When my hubby used to be my boyfriend, he was quite good at something. Arguments. He could do it so well that I even remember suggesting him to pursue law. Although if you ask him he would say the same for me, but since this blog is mine, guys, you have to go by my words. When all the other couples went out for movies, dinners, vacations and do all sorts of fun things, we used sit under a tree and fight for craps all day. We were madly in love. Madly, because we used to get mad at each other at a drop of a hat, still loved each other like mad. We could not stand each other most of the time, still never failed to give a second chance to our relationship. You can’t count the ‘second’ chances we had on your fingers!
We used to call ourselves hubby-wifey even before we got married (because calling ourselves boyfriend-girlfriend seem to reduce the intimacy), but had a number of divorces too.
So when Sushant proposed me to indulge into a life-long tug of war (this time with his eyes locked with mine), the Priya from inside spoke – Marry him? Go ahead and jump into a bottomless pit instead’. But I chose to say ‘yes’ all over again. I didn’t know why I did so. “You dumb. You would end up fighting like cats and dogs throughout your life. You both are like oil and water. They never mix well” the Priya from inside never missed a chance to warn me.
But she was wrong. My hubby has miraculously forgotten to argue (touch-wood). Today, he agrees to the stupidest of statements that come out of me. And I say, ‘Honey, if I had known, marriage would make you truly mine, I would have married you a decade ago.’ Sometimes, oil and water do mix and mix well…

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7 thoughts on “Finally, oil and water mixed and mixed well..

  1. HImani Gupta says:

    Another awesome piece gal…m addicted to your writing so u clearly have atleast one fan for sure now. Though the begining of your write-up i found a littl edry in the beginnning but gradually found the gravy as i read on. Nice one…especially the metaphor of oil and water…bt r u oil or water??? 😛

  2. Kumar Anand says:

    U have magic in your words. Seems like whole thing comes alive on a 70 mm celluloid. Way 2 go Priya. Try your hands in script writing. Any way India does not have good script writers. U two are looking awesome (touch wood). Made for each other. god bless u both. My hearty wishes to the one of most wonderful couple I have ever met.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have come across ur blog just browsing thru but found this very interesting and very similar to our relation(me n my hubby’s)specially the second chances thing and argue at the drop of hat and also all he needs is a Tv and a remote control.Wondering whether all guys are like that .The only dissimilar thing he has not yet forgotten to argue. 😛

    • 🙂 smtimes that’s the fun factor to a joyful marriage. Afterall, marriage asks two ppl, two different ppl to stay under one roof. Arguments are bound to pop up. Jst keep the fun element alive, and u would never lose the spark.
      Anyways, welcome to my blog, karuna. 🙂

  4. sandeep kumar says:

    well mam…before this i always move with chetan bhagat and other novelist…because i feel my college life…stupidity nd romance in that…but now today i gain another novelist too ….and really feeling very happy from inside ..for every line of your writings…woo-wed me !! i want you to go for more….n more !!…i love to read all these… :))

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