Through my eyes..

How I wish human eyes had camcorders- it would have been so simple to arrest those impulsive golden moments that give a fleeting appearance and dissolve in front of your eyes before you could let that tear trickle out. Sadly, humans aren’t blessed with this luxury by the almighty, so I resorted to capture the most beautiful, blissful benevolence of God in words.
Parth was just 3 months old, amusing me every minute with his antics, savoring the delights of the world with amazed eyes, gradually learning, gradually growing. Everyday he showed something that made us exclaim- ‘Did you see that!’ , ‘ Oh my God, my baby’ , ‘Oh, you’re a sweetheart, my love’, ‘ Are mera baccha, kitna samjhdar ho gaya hai’…. And my little imp seems to enjoy our ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaahs’.
On one such night, after a long day, I laid down with my son. And after hours of continuously ‘monkeying’ around, my chimp (champ) looked as if he was enjoying the cozy bed and his mom’s snug hug. I looked at him. He was busy muttering something in his own tongue, playing with my pendant.
“O! He looks just like those Johnson& Johnson babies! Eyes, so magnetizing, glaring, Smile, so adorable. How did God bless me with something as charming as him!”
I never thought I was beautiful. I had nothing that said I am pretty. Then how come, I got blessed with a gift as sweet and cuddly as Parth. Is he really cute? Or is it the ‘mamma’ in me who always thinks her baby is the cutest of all?”
I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for his generosity. And recited his hymn aloud to make it fall on Parth’s ears. “Om Sai Namo Namah, Sri Sai Namo Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah
Just then a tear rolled down my eyes. That was when Parth looked up. And guess what! He touched my wet cheek with an expression that said, ‘Mamma, what happened? Are you crying?’
I love you baby….. You have made every moment of my life worth rejoicing.
Sometimes things are at the back of your mind lying dormant and something else stirs them and drives you to bring them forth. I always wanted to write a post about this small yet beautiful incident.. but somehow couldn’t. I thank Manisha Bhati whose blog post on her kid drove me to put this extremely precious moment in words.

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2 thoughts on “Through my eyes..

  1. Himani says:

    Priya, i am short on words to express the emotions that your write-up evoked in me. Loved every bit of it and I gradually realized that my eyes watery too….

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