Kudos to the masters… and the masterpieces

Staring awestruck at the vibrant screen of my laptop this Sunday, I was relishing what was there before me. A series of tabs…. A series of websites…. a series of companies….. a bunch of people. I could hardly get my attention off them. I just wanted few more minutes out of my full-to-the-brim (often overflowing) schedule to spend savoring things around the world that delight me to the core. Shoving off the noises in the background (What’s for lunch today? / Just two sabzis? What the heck! I tell you these days the daughter-in-laws ….. I used to make atleast 4 recipes a day….what will the kids eat… how many times do I have to tell you…… who will clean up this mess? Me?…. ), I kept on gently stroking the keys as Google led me to show an array of highly creative, quality conscious, profound people initiating brands that represent just one thing in common – ‘Creativity’. O I love the word and it makes me euphoric to see the world moving towards it.
I have worked or rather written for n- number of brands in my 4-year tenure as a copywriter. But there is something I still urge for….. a masterpiece. Yes, that’s the word an artist’s ears never fail to catch.
In a flash, I remembered a very old story, The Last Leaf by O Henry. The story brings out the emotions of artists, rather painters and their yearn for a masterpiece. Protagonists were two ladies Sue and Johnsy. Johnsy was taken ill by the epidemic of pneumonia. And she lost all hopes of living. She lay all day in her bed counting the falling leaves of the ivy creeper by her window. She believed that the moment the last leaf would fall, she will die too. Sue was worried about her, for she believed that losing the willingness to live would drop her chances to survive. She asked the 60 year old artist and drunkard, Mr. Behrman to paint an ivy leaf for her and fix it on the creeper so that it doesn’t fall and Johnsy gets the willingness to live. It was said that whenever Mr. Behrman talked, he talked only about the masterpiece he is going to make someday.
Next morning, Johnsy finds the last ivy still clutching the creeper tight and felt a sudden surge of hope as she was able to survive the night.
They came to know that Mr. Behrman died of acute pneumonia the night before. According to the doctors, he was drenched to skin in rain taking his fever to the highest degree. A ladder and paints (green and yellow) were found near the ivy creeper, though washed off in rain. The oldie was waiting for his masterpiece as though it was his route to salvation. Read the full story here http://www.online-literature.com/o_henry/1303/
Perhaps even I am waiting for that masterpiece… He hey! That doesn’t mean I am planning to take the final flight after that… but yes I now look forward for not one but uncountable masterpieces…. Every bit I write should qualify to be a masterpiece, a magnum opus creation…
And for that I need creative acquaintances. I thought, why not honor those daring steps that barred everything ordinary to create something that matters… something that makes a difference?
So here are a few of my favorite websites/ companies/ groups which I admire and hope to be associated with them in near future:
http://www.wk.com (Wieden and Kennedy, ad agency in Portland, Oregan. Ultimate concepts, and something that is even brilliant is the magazine it has launched, Motherland )
http://www.creativegaga.com (a must-subscribe thing for everyone with an eye for aesthetics. Exemplary designs, super-good copy)
http://www.theindiatube.com/ (Compiles everything that is incredible about India. Great effort
• to bring to the fore things besides snakes, snake charmers, slums and slaves in India)
http://www.thinkhappy.biz/ (They call it, The Idea Shop. Remarkable copy and extraordinary approach that promises they keep the creative birdies inside them happy)
http://www.nailbites.in/ (Even the name and the exceptional approach to say ‘we’ll be live soon’ deserves applaud. The site’s not ready yet)
http://www.egothemag.com (Great content. It always brings to its readers something they never expected, but would relish)
http://www.gsmarena.com/ (A mobile phone e-commerce site? Yes, exactly. Undoubtedly, the phones look terrific here, but what I love is, again the copy. The company has real writers with great bond with words. They would make people like me (who stay away from gadgets) fall in love with them)
http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ (The more I say, the more I want to say about it. Copy of the website is impressive to extent that it transports the readers to the destination it desires. )

http://www.possibleworldwide.com (Yes, the company I work for. Out-of-box ideas in design and content (No, I cannot credit myself for it.)

Hat’s off and a full bow to you all….
I am sure this is just a fraction of the population preferring the right side of the brain than the left. Please make sure everyone’s attempt is rewarded. Suggest any such Website/blog/company/ group you come across that has put real efforts to stand out from the crowd of commons.

Because Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower…. Lets indentify the true leaders

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3 thoughts on “Kudos to the masters… and the masterpieces

  1. Himani says:

    Nice piece. Could relate to your aspirations coz m too in the same boat sailing to achieve excellence. And yes! Last Leaf was my favourite too…oooh it reminds me of the good old Literature days…wish cud turn back into time and read a few more….

  2. NANTHINII says:

    This’s the first time I checked out the world of your blogs…..As I’m crazy in love with poetry I took a great pleasure in reading your procrastination, rain….you were simply excellent…I hardly read blogs and it would be a great pleasure if you inform me about your postings so that I could keep in touch with them…..thanks…love…NANTHINII

    • hey nanthini,
      it’s exhilarating to know ppl love what I write. You have no idea how precious your comments are to me. Thanks a ton. You can subscribe to my blog, so that whenever I write smth, you get a notification on your email id. Pls do keep reading.

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