Hide and Seek with Life

You know what life loves to play? I mean what is its favorite game? I am sure, many would guess after a little ponder. So I am letting you have your time.
Remember the days, when backyards used to be the best part of the house? The thrill of making your pals look for you was ultimate. And the moment you are caught with a sudden ‘BOO’, you can’t help but let out a shriek of excitement. True fun wasn’t it? Yes, we are at the game of hide and seek, and that happens to be the most loved game of life.
For those still scratching their heads, I say so, because life loves surprises. Popping out a twist or two from the corner with a BOO and making you shriek out of excitement (or fear for that matter), that’s the ultimate delight.

hide and seek

hide and seek

Just when you were planning to buy that always-admired penthouse in that posh colony, you end up losing your job or that much-expected promotion and pay raise. You would have dreamt of a dream holiday in the Caribbean Beaches but find yourself slogging extra hours on your desk due to project extension. It’s the final match (for Indians, let’s suppose, its India vs Pak), you have lied to your boss to get the day off, pampered wife with flowers, chocolates, fake admiration and what not, so that she agrees to sacrifice her daily soap hour for it, grab a bowl of popcorns and just when the coin favors India in the toss, there’s a power cut. Gritting your teeth at the blank screen and the dark room, don’t you feel someone giggling? That’s life.
Do you think it’s getting too depressing? Hmm, even I think so. But what I want to say is life loves to turn things upside down. If your present is gloomy and you think there’s no hope, expect a bright day tomorrow. When I was in school, some of us shone like a bright day. Excellent at studies, commendable at extracurricular activities and apple of teachers’ eyes. ‘ You have a bright future.’ ‘You will make it really big someday.’ These accolades made us believe we are going to be engineers from IIT or even scientists at NASA.
And the other section of students, who preferred to stay at the back, both at the academics and in the classroom, had to bear the brunt because of us. ‘Look at them, you are nowhere!’ , ‘ You should learn the art of excellence from them.’ ‘Useless kids! You won’t reach anywhere like this.’
But today, it surprises as well gladdens me to see those folks doing really well at whatever they are. I remember my schoolmates Cheena and Sandeep. At that time, if you would have asked me to describe them, I would have used adjectives like ‘timid’, ’introvert’, ‘quiet’, ‘taciturn’, ‘covert’… and may be even ‘dumb’ (sorry guys!) But today thanks to facebook, I have all those friends with me again, atleast virtually, and trust me when I say, I am spellbound by the way they have changed! Now the adjectives would be ‘smart’, ‘elegant’, ‘poised’, ‘dashing’and of course ‘successful’!! Who would have thought of them fairing so well in life! But they did. Sandeep works as a mechanical engineer with a huge brand in Shanghai! As though the premises of the school was forbidding them from evolving; the moment they are out, they sprouted wings and now they are people I want to be like!
Same is with Rekha, Anuja, Supriya and Chetan and Jai.. Cheers to you guys. That is definitely a lesson for all of us. Assumptions and presumptions are completely deceptive. Atleast school is too early a stage to decide what life would be like in the coming years. The hidden faces of the classroom are shining. Life made them taste the bitter; now is their turn to savor the sweet. And for me and my highly brilliant gang, it was all very sweet in the beginning, now..
Seems like it’s time to conclude the post here.

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2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek with Life

  1. RG says:

    Where the hell is my name? how can u forget me?

    • Arey, you were always there in the forefront. You belonged to the gang of brilliant fellows I had mentioned… This blog is dedicated to those who proved to be the dark horses of the batch.

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