An incomplete story…

“Wait a minute. You mean you put the phone down because you heard me laughing with someone in the cab? I don’t believe you, Armaan! You’re insane!”
“Call me whatever. But you damn well know that I don’t like you giggling with men. You said you wanna work, I gave you the permission…”
“PERMISSION? Excuse me ‘Mr. I Am Superior’. I never asked your permission to work. I would have worked even if you have poked your nose into that matter as well. You know what? Now I don’t care what you think and what you don’t. Because you are in a habit of objecting and feel green about everything.”
“So let’s call it quits. I think that would work for both of us. You go, enjoy your life. If my love has become handcuffs to you, its better we part.”
“Don’t call it love for God’s sake. Don’t call it love. It’s a blot on the face of love. You can love just yourself and no-one else.. I think we can agree on just one thing… the decision to call it quits…..”

… it was easier said than done. Anya had seen a number of couples breaking off. They all started off with a new bond sooner or a bit later and the old flame instantly becomes a thing of past. It was only her own life that was on a painful standstill for 8 years now. Anya had seen couples rejoicing every moment of their romance…. Candlelit dinners, shopping together, surprise gifts, holidaying, exotic vacations… She had always wished Armaan would ask for a weekend trip to the Doon valley. But wondered how she would cook a story to her mom about it. The thought of getting caught spending a night with her lover would send shudders down her spine. Still, a day or two spent in the arms of the only ‘Hunk’ she knew… wasn’t that worth the risk?
Anya had always felt that life for her friends had always been a slate and a chalk play. You write something and if moments later you find it’s not what you wanted to write, just give it a rub and it vanishes without a trace. Her fate however, seemed to be written on a rock. Engraved. Forever.
Life with Armaan was never rosy. No cuddly romance, no discotheques, no vacations, no cards, no love letters, no adventure, no fun… But yes, the space between them was filled with other things… like blind accusations, arguments, tears and break ups… ya, break up with an ‘s’. They had parted so many times that now it seems easier to split than to patch up. Friends have started mocking at their relation.
“Stop playing games, will you Anya? Just end the story. That nut head is never going to keep you happy. The foundation of love is faith and your castle of love rests on sand. No faith, no understanding.. what do you think would make this bond work? It can only be a miracle.
Miracle. Anya wished for one desperately. A miracle that would make Armaan understand how deep is her feelings for him. A miracle that would tell him that she’s not like other girls in his workplace who keep changing partners. She wanted someone to tell him that he is her world, but that doesn’t mean she snaps herself from the world. She wants to live a normal life. The way a girl committed to a guy lives, works and has fun. Armaan’s love had undoubtedly become a handcuff for her… a handcuff that has left its mark on her forever.
Anya surely wanted to take the handcuff off.. but she wanted a bangle of love in its place. Is it too much to ask for?
Armaan left. Again. And this time it has been two years. Two years. But Anya still stood there wondering what went wrong. She was faithful. She cared. She trusted. She gave everything and never wished for anything. And so she got nothing. Nothing at all. Friends, freedom and fun… she barely remembered what these words stood for…
Two years now. Why wouldn’t life budge? Why everything reminds her of him. His smile. His words. His love. Yes. Armaan did love her. He is not like other men in her office, who always talked about a new girl, drool over the skimpily clad or unclad models, shared jokes about the fun they had last night with the new hottie in the office and never hesitated to keep the extra- affairs going on and calling their wives at home- “Hon, I am working tonight.”
Armaan remained true to her. Always.

Miracle.. is what she wished for

Miracle.. is what she wished for

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4 thoughts on “An incomplete story…

  1. Himani says:

    hmm… a story well written..but I am wondering how come Anya has kept to herself for these 2 years and finds no meaning in friends, fun etc. that she so wanted desperately when Amaan’s love became handcuffs for her….
    I feel she is blocked…or she likes boundation…and in both the cases she has been unhappy…
    She must move on…hand of the clock have moved on to cover a long span of two years…she must let go and love herself more and foremost than anyone else….

  2. Thanks Himani.. yeah true. But that breaking-the-bonds is far beyond what she can do.. she loves him truly and can’t imagine a life without him.. though she tries a lot. anyone with a sane mind would move away from a relation like this… but Anya is not a person who wud let her dearest possession go just like that.. she wants him to change.. waiting desperately for a miracle.. ..

  3. neseeef says:

    Oh… Thats touching. May be we could pray God to make a “miracle” to end the problem… How amraan can act so heartless… How anya become so sincere with a man like that.. A wonderful story tells about the current society through two of them.. Keep it up.

  4. […] and a great writer, Ankit. Thanks Ankit for helping Anya, Armaan and the story reach a completion. Till now (click to read the story till now) Two years now. Why wouldn’t life budge? Why everything reminds […]

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