Rain – o – Rain

Good news. Sarika has memorized the poem Rain, Rain Go away (with gestures). Today she recited the entire poem to me and she looked so cute. I gave her a pat on her back and one to me too. 4 weeks of hard work to make her first listen, then repeat and then memorize 4 lines.. phew!
I think this poem must have been written somewhere in Cherrapunji or Mawsynram. You know why? Read the lines … it goes like this
Rain, Rain Go Away,
Come Again, Another Day,
Little Johney, Wants to Play,
Rain, Rain, Go Away…
This is the version we used to read when in prep school, but now the Sarika’s Book of Nursery Rhymes shows a ruder version. It says
Rain, Rain Go Away,
Come Again, Another Day,
Little Johney, Wants to Play,
Rain, Rain, Go to Spain,
Do not show your face again.
Hey! How mean? What a rude thing to do man, whoever wrote this. The sun is scorching overhead and the earth is getting cramps and you shun away the rain with such rude lines!!!!! Not acceptable.
So, I thought, why not give it a bit of revamp? May be someday you can see this poem in the Book of Nursery Rhymes.. Possible, isn’t it?
So here it goes…

We need you buddy,
Even if you make the roads
Blocked and muddy.

I love the rain

I love the rain

We know it’s just June,
And it’s not the time
But the sun is brutal
Don’t you think it’s a crime?

Chewed Cucumbers,
Gulped Squashes,
But nothing like your
Drops and splashes.

We’d like to get wet,
Drenched to skin,
And the gals in see-thru kurtas,

Banging windows, waving trees,
Winds that seem to take you along.
But no sign of yours
Come soon, it’s been so long…..

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8 thoughts on “Rain – o – Rain

  1. Himani says:

    Congrats for Sarika and this seasonal post. Nice attempt to poetry but the rhyme still seems forced…but never mind….keep writing to perfection… 🙂

  2. Yeahh… i know. I suck at poetry.. but perfect poetry doesn’t seem to be my cuppa tea.. Also, I enjoyed writing this small piece of onky-ponky poem…. funny , still true fun, no? 😉

  3. Himani says:

    Yep cud see how much u enjoyed writing this piece n how fulfilling it was to hear sarika recite it all well….n never mind…atleast u givin it a shot…mast hai keep it up… 🙂

  4. neseeef says:

    Hi there its the most wonderful post i come along. I like your try on poetry.( really appreciates it). I love the rain too. But sometimes it makes me dizzy… 🙂 keep it up

  5. neseeef says:

    Dont bother about what people will say… You can write poems. Dont you 😉 then write more( in your own style). I am not joking I really love that poem 🙂

  6. hey thanks, i will. 🙂

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