An Incomplete Story…..that finally got completed!!

Ok guys. You know what, I am too humble to call the second part of my incomplete story my own. Coz it is conceptualized, written and presented by a very dear friend and a great writer, Ankit. Thanks Ankit for helping Anya, Armaan and the story reach a completion.
Till now (click to read the story till now)
Two years now. Why wouldn’t life budge? Why everything reminds her of him. His smile. His words. His love. Yes. Armaan did love her. He is not like other men in her office, who always talked about a new girl, drool over the skimpily clad or unclad models, shared jokes about the fun they had last night with the new hottie in the office and never hesitated to keep the extra- affairs going on and calling their wives at home- “Hon, I am working tonight.”
Armaan remained true to her. Always.


Anya was sitting on the porch, watching rain droplets falling on the concrete flooring on early windy, overcast Saturday morning. Her eyes were moist and swollen – a clear indication that she hasn’t slept last night. Sudhir is a real good marriage prospect, were her mom’s words a day before. A great lineage, tall and handsome personality and on top of that, his own Consultancy firm in Sillicon Valley of India, Bangalore. He fitted the bill completely. What else can a girl wish for?

Amid all this whirlpool of thoughts she wondered what Armaan would have been doing right now. It had been more than 2 years since they called it quits.


“I have had enough of you Anya,” were the parting words when the two last met. Those words were still reverberating in Armaan’s brain. Life had been one constant struggle for him. Unlike other couples, who could afford to splurge their hard-earned money on romantic escapades, discotheques, shopping, and surprise candle-lit dinners, he was forced to save and send it to his family in Aligarh. Anya knew this and unlike others, respected his priorities. She never made hue and cry about it. And this exactly what bothered him. He hated her for being so much accommodating and understanding. He hated her for investing so much in a relationship, a role, which ideally he should be playing. Soon cracks began to surface in their relationship. Accusations, teary arguments followed. And soon LOVE LEFT THEM.

“…Get rid of insecurities. There is a high chance that you might lose the love of your life because of it…” said his annual Sagittarius horoscope on January 1 of this year. Yes, Armaan was sincere, hardworking and superstitious. And he was possessive too. This became evident when he heard Anya giggling with some man in office cab. That was the last straw. Soon it was splitsville for them.

Suddenly his mobile phone beeped. It was Anya. Two years and no dialogue were exchanged and suddenly one fine morning your ex is calling you. Girls are too difficult to understand, he thought.

“Hi Anya. How are you? What made you call me today?” he tried his best to keep up the cheesy voice as if nothing has ever happened.

“Hi Armaan. mistake..actually I was dialing someone else’s number. Apologies.”

“Don’t be.” And the line went dead.

Something is not right, he told himself. But why would I care?

The phone rang again. It was Anya again.

Armaan, rather unsure, picked up the phone again.

“Heard you are leaving for London tomorrow,” came the voice from other end.

“Yeah. Who told you?”

“Doesn’t matter. So dude, you have finally arrived..”,

Armaan could make out Anya’s breaking voice. He was familiar to such instances. Anya had this unique characteristic of sounding absolutely ‘Cool’ before breaking and weeping her heart out.

“Anya. Please don’t do this..”

“What? What I am doing..No, I am not crying..”

She paused for a second before and this pause was killing Armaan. He knew what was coming and was prepping himself for this all this while.

“…and why would I cry for you Bastard. Who are you? Some hot-shot stud or ladykiller?? You know what..I have moved on too. Sudhir is a really nice guy and I have said ‘Yes’ to my parents.”

Armaan was right. Tears had started to roll out from Anya’s eyes.

“Congrats yaar..”, and suddenly Armaan’s eyes too had become moist.

“Fuck you. Why don’t you love me Armaan as much as I love you. Tell me..tell me..where I have gone wrong. Why the hell are you doing this to me,” the last sentence was in top of her voice.

“Anya. Calm down. First of all, I am sorry for what I did to you. And frankly I think I don’t deserve your love….”

“You can’t get away saying ‘sorry’ to me Armaan. I have given 8 years of my life to this relationship. For once Armaan, we were in love. Can’t you make it work? It is all I am asking you Armaan.” Anya was crying continuously.

Armaan went silent. He went quiet because he feared that Anya might hear him sobbing. “I can’t give her the happiness she deserves. I am not the right guy for him. She deserves someone better,” he kept reminding himself.

“Okay. Seems you have made up your mind. It is fine Armaan. No problem. Hope someday you would learn to love yourself and people who love you. But for me, you were the only man I ever loved and it will stay the same.”

With this Anya hung up the phone, but Armaan was still holding his mobile phone close to his ears. Crying. He couldn’t remember the last time when his tears rolled out. Guess this is the way life goes.


Armaan’s slumber was broken by the irritating buzz of his mobile phone. Approximately 8 hours ago Anya had called him and they had a nerve-wrecking showdown. Since then Armaan was sleeping. To him, this was the best way to beat stress.

“Hello..”, Armaan said in a usual sleepy tone.

“Where the fuck are you dude..I have been calling you for past two hours…”, said Akhilesh, Armaan’s colleague and 2 AM friend.

“Why? What happened?” the sleepy tone was still intact.

“Anya has hung herself. She had committed suicide. We have rushed her to nearest hospital…”

For a moment, Armaan couldn’t believe what he had just heard. But he knew Akhilesh. He will never joke about such things, especially if it involves Anya. Suddenly, his head started spinning. He was feeling dizzy and suddenly he passed out.


“I just had a word with doctor. She says they have managed to rescue her but due to choking of windpipe, Anya has gone into coma. Next 24 hours are critical.” Akhilesh told Armaan who was sitting next to Anya’s beautiful motionless body holding her hand.

Since the time he had arrived in hospital, Armaan was subject of speculation and interest for Anya’s parents who themselves were clueless about what prompted their only daughter take such extreme step. But today, Armaan ignored each one of them. He was only concerned about Anya. Only Anya.

“Please God. It shouldn’t end like this. I beg to you. It shouldn’t end like this.” He was repeatedly telling himself.

For entire time, Armaan was sitting beside Anya’s bed. Towards midnight, Anya’s situation deteriorated further. Suddenly, she had started bleeding from her mouth. On seeing this, he immediately alerted doctors and Anya’s parents. A team of doctors immediately rushed to spot and asked him to vacate the ICU. Though needed, Armaan was not impressed with this gesture. He had always hated doctors. To him, they never seemed to tell or explain the exact nature of problem, neither its gravity. He had experienced the same thing when his mother had died of Jaundice. The doctor had told him that everything is fine with her until one day his father woke him up to break the news of his mother’s death.

The team of doctors stayed in ICU for about an hour. When they came out, each of them looked worried. One of them went straight to Anya’s parents and whispered something. Armaan was watching all this from other end of hallway. Soon after listening to Doctor, Anya’s mother broke into tears.

Seeing her in tears, Armaan rushed to the same doctor, and queried him about Anya’s situation.

“She’s not good. In fact, the situation has gone from bad to worse. We are trying our level best..but…you know,” the doctor’s silence had said a lot than desired.

Armaan didn’t know what to do. He was feeling helpless just like the time when his mother had died.

“There should be something doctor. Some kind of shock treatment, some wake her up..”

“I understand your situation son but this is no Hindi movie scene. This is harsh reality. She’s sinking and you have to accept it.”

“Don’t lecture me doctor..,” Armaan thundered suddenly. The doctor was taken aback with this outburst.

“If anything happens to her I swear I’ll jump to death from this 7th floor and I mean it. And you’ll be responsible for it. For God’s sake, save her. I don’t care how you do it but just save her.” Suddenly the warning board of ‘Please maintain Silence’ looked irrelevant. The entire hallway was echoing with his words.

Everyone was watching Armaan, who looked beaten and tired.

By next morning, Anya had stopped responding to all the treatments. Countless attempts to revive her had failed. For Anya’s parents, this was a personal loss they had already foreseen. Since the time they had brought Anya to hospital they knew only a miracle could save her.

When Armaan learned this, he was shattered. God had denied him the opportunity to correct things once again. Anya had gone away from him. She was the only girl who loved him, unfortunately; he wasn’t just good enough for her.

He was sitting on bench staring the floor when Akhilesh walked upto him.

“They are pulling the plug. Anya’s parents have given them their consent. I think you should see her once before they do so.”

Armaan didn’t say anything. He just nodded his head as Akhilesh left him.

He got up and slowly walked up to the section window of the 7th floor. Time had come when he fulfills the promise he had made a while back. There was no one in the corridor. Everyone had gone into ICU to pay last visit to Anya.

Armaan opened the section window and looked downwards. Everyone looked in a rush. The streets were buzzing with honks of cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters etc. Life was running at its brisk pace on this sunny afternoon. Nobody was bothered that Armaan’s Anya was dying. Absolutely nobody.

He climbed up the bench and took a deep breath. I am sorry Anya. But without you I am no better.
“Armaan…STOP,” someone screamed from the other end of the hallway. The voice was familiar. It was Akhilesh.


Miracle indeed had happened. Just before seconds when doctors was about to pull the plug, Anya’s condition had got better dramatically. In next 12 hours, Anya’s body had started responding to treatments once again. Anya’s parents and doctors were elated. While doctors were expressing their disbelief on her phenomenal recovery, her parents couldn’t stop thanking to God. It indeed was a miracle.

Three days later when Anya opened her eyes, she found Armaan sitting next to her, staring.

“Don’t you have to leave for London?” She asked him.

After so many days, finally a dry smile graced Armaan’s lips. “Yeah. But I thought maybe I should take you with me.”

Saying this Armaan took out a ring. “Anya, will you marry me?”

“A while ago someone told me that I don’t deserve a guy like you..I can’t seem to remember his name but he looked exactly like you..,” said the fragile Anya in her unique taunting tone.

“I am sure he must have been a fool of first order.”

“Yeah..that he is..,” Anya said smilingly.

She paused for a second and said, “Yes. I will marry you.” Saying this she kissed him on his lips and embraced him.

“And please for God’s sake..use a strong rope next time…”

“Sure,” said Anya and they kissed again.

the kiss

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5 thoughts on “An Incomplete Story…..that finally got completed!!

  1. I just loved it…my eyes were filled while reading it. N here i want to add a very simple yet very very important fact of life…” Learn to love n respect d feeling of the person who has true love for you”…Coz it’s rly hard to find selfless love n care in today’s time….

    @ Ankit, i appreciate ur effort like anything…finally u hv done it..n wish to see many such soul touching piece of writing from u….

  2. pallav gupta says:

    great story and very well written……i got very involved while reading it…

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