The priceless dream turned ‘pricey’

What does it take to fulfill a dream? Diligence? Determination? Is that all you need? How I wish that was true! Alas, there’s another ‘D’ to it- Dollars. And sadly, it tops the trio.
$34,800!!!!! It’s about time you have some mercy man!!!
Miami School of Ad. Copywriter’s Haven (read: Heaven) Fostering industry’s best minds that conjure millions (or rather billions) with the power of words. Apart from that the only thing I can say about the school is – I CRAVE TO BE THERE!

Miami school of Advertising

Let me tell you how I got to know this writer’s paradise even existed. It is a very strange, yet interesting coincidence. I once got a project of Skoda for its new prodigy, The Yeti. A sexy, mini SUV.
So, to introduce the wagon to the Indian audience, Skoda people came up with an expedition that takes a selected few (with a dominant gene of adventure in them), on an excursion to the major wildlife sanctuaries across India. I was managing the content for their microsite, and I had, on my desk, scores of applications from all over the country. Reading them was indeed fun. It was then, I came across a particularly convincing write-up by a copywriter, named Saurabh Kejriwal (Hey, Saurabh! If you happen to come across this blog, no need to thank me, buddy :D)
About the write-up, I can only say that, I still have it saved in a folder named ‘choicest’. I have a habit of employing the Google spiders to look for impressive personalities online. And I did the same for Saurabh. During the process, I got to know that he is now a copywriting student on scholarship at the much-esteemed Miami Ad School
Hmm.. Sounds cool! Now the next job at hand for Google’s ‘eight-legged freaks’ was to take me to the website of Miami Ad School. It was since that day, I developed a despo-desire for the school and everything about it. I had talked to hubby dear about it. He was glad to let me go abroad to study. Making a mental plan (with heavy heart) to make arrangements for Parthu at his Nani’s place for about 2 years, I finally took a rock-solid decision. The next-stoppage would be Miami Ad School.
Admission Procedure – checked
Selection Test- Not Bad. Infact, quite interesting!
Admission form – Downloaded
Registration Fee- $100, no problem.
Admission Fee- A screeching halt…. That’s where my engines pulled over.
$4500 – per quarter (Whoa!)
$34,800- for 2 years :O :O :O
Now, my hope dangles on the revert mail from their Admissions Advisor, Katie, regarding the scholarship programme of the school. But I doubt that would help… (sigh)

Anyways, if not me, I’ll make sure Parth lives my dream. There’ll definitely be a seat for him in the batch of the year 2030 at the Miami Ad School. Amen.

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4 thoughts on “The priceless dream turned ‘pricey’

  1. Himani says:

    As usual, i fall short of words when i read your blog posts. This one surely is straight from the heart, so really loved reading it. Start was kick ass with the 3Ds, so likes the line”Google’s eight legged freaks”. You’ve got that knack for writing gal, which you are well aware of. My confession to you as always: I so wish I could write like you some day sooooon. And you keep the good work going, forever & always!!!

  2. Your remarks mean a lot to me Himani (and that’s a confession from my side). The best critic is an honest friend, and you are the one for me. Thanks and pls do keep reading and commenting.. I would love to see (and analyze) myself from your eyes 🙂

  3. Philippe-Ahmed Braschi says:

    Priya, hello, hello !!!

    How are you ?

    My name is Philippe-Ahmed from tumulus…
    We met in Novi Sad….and try to reach you and Kristian….I wrote him mails, but I do not know your mail adress..and did not get any answer… so perhaps have I a bad mail adress ???
    I am sorry, as I told you, I am a little nineteen century, so sorry, I do not understand facebook and so on, but……. I try to reach you and Kristian, so I try to understand how to use that blog, blug, bloug…to reach you.
    My mail adress is
    Could you be so kind, please, to tell me, if Kristian saw my mails??? and if you made your decision about yuour venue to Belgrade (July) and Mitrovica (April) and about our venue to Novi Sad, in July ?

    Sorry to intervene like that, completely out of the subject of your beautiful blog. Sorry.

    Have a nice day.

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