Letter from a Ghost….

Finally, I had to admit, something was definitely there. The more I denied, the harder it pressed. I had always laughed off the word ‘Ghost’ and laughed at those who believed in it. But staring at the complete article on my computer screen saved by the weirdest filename, I heard life laughing at my overconfidence. You_still_don’t_believe, I’m_there?.docx I would have said someone sneaked into my locked home, switched on my computer, somehow guessed my password, opened the article I left incomplete last night and completed it, had I not seen the bizarre course of events that took place in my room in the past 1 hour, while I was away. It was all recorded in the CCTV camera of my room.
How would you react when you watch the recorded video of your vacant house, showing paranormal activities? The door of my locked room opened as if the lock never worked. Nothing for some 10 seconds. All of a sudden, the wooden chair beside my bed got dragged towards the system with a screech. “WTF!!!”, I exclaimed. It got itself placed well before the desktop. The system switched itself on automatically. There was this poor device trying to protect my documents with a password. But little did it know that it’s apparently fool-proof idea of averting unscrupulous invasion would be made null and void by this creepy creature in half a shake. My password appeared on its own. Embarrassingly, it was “Ghost? What a Joke”. Instantly, there was a very prominent giggle. But of course, it was his turn to laugh. Within an hour, my article was typed smoothly, the keys getting pressed but no visible fingers.
And there it was, in front of me, a visible, concrete proof of my ignorance and mindless denial to the existence of anything “abnormal” in this world. But what else can you expect from a scientist? We people are taught right from the start not to believe in things that cannot be proven.
What is it? How can it be possible? Why can I not see it? It could have written whatever it wants in a snap, why then it took 1 long hour to write the article? My mind was a logjam of endless questions.
I knew the answers await me. In the file named You_still_don’t_believe, I’m_there?.docx. Hey, did u notice, Microsoft never allows us to save a filename with special characters at the end. But the rule seems to be for humans only. I opened the file and started reading. Wait a minute, did I mention, what the article was all about? I am a regular columnist for HT Brunch and this time the topic was, “Are Ghosts Real?”
I had started off with an intention to write against the motion but what I have in front of me was a finished, complete-in-all-sense article yelling –“ Yes, they are very much there.”



It said-
Did you go to the church this Sunday? Yes? But for what? Lemme guess, because you believe that there’s someone watching over you. And you call that someone “GOD”. Cool, but hey Miss I-am-a-Scientist, haven’t you heard, that the world is a perfect example of symmetry, balance? Positive balances negative and vice versa. Heat balanced by downpour. Sorrow balanced by glee. Shiver balanced by sun.
Hope you remember what you read in your seventh grade. Seems that you never applied that theory in your life, huh? So if you say there’s GOD, there surely are Ghosts.
You know why I have taken pains to come out of my luxury to stroke these buttons on this stupid box. Because I AM FED UP!!! Fed up by you nuthead humans constantly cooking up stories about our clan. Making sick tales that prove, one should let out a bloodcurdling shriek at our sight; that ghosts are to scare people out of their wits. Hell no! We are as normal and unaffecting as your GODs. Do you feel scared of him? The why do you humans pee at the slightest mention of the word ‘Ghosts’?
For your information, we have never tried to show ourselves to you humans. Those of your freaking friends who claim they have seen a Ghost and its terrifying, are either hallucinating or must have seen their own reflection. Bloody, ugly lots you humans are. Don’t mind, gal. Because I prefer those who say, we don’t exist at all to those who say ‘we are scary’. Ask our kids, who eat their food in a gulp when we say, “Eat your meal, or else humans will take you with them.” Ask my cousin, who fainted at the sight of a human girl (actually she was going to a party and was all smeared with what you call, lipstick. I think it should appropriately be called a’ lipsick’. ) How do I know so much about you humans? Because I too am a Scientist. In my world, ofcourse.
And yes, who was the nerd who started the theory, that Ghosts are actually humans after death? If I get hold of him, trust me, I have never scared anyone, but I would put that ‘lipsick’ and scare him to death. We are just another specie on this earth. Ofcourse, humans claim that they have found and listed even pre-historic species, sadly, they are so wrongly mistaken about a specie that is there before even humans were born on this earth.
Now coming to how we look. Let me disclose it to you so that you can tell your folks not to throw together disgusting stories about Ghosts. Tell them, all they know about us is that we are called Ghosts, nothing else. So stop making those horrendous horror movies.
We don’t have a form. I shouldn’t be comparing us with GOD everytime, but there is so much similarity between Ghosts and God that I can’t help dragging Him to the talk. Like God, Ghosts are formless. We have distinct frequencies to ourselves, through which we recognize each other. So don’t try to look for our hands and hairlocks. We don’t have any.
Furthermore, if you think we can do great magic, and I could have written this article in a snap, you are highly mistaken. We are no wizards. We are capable of certain things that you people can’t but at the same time there are many things which humans can do, we can’t. So there’s no rocket science about it.
I hope, I have made myself clear enough. Pls publish this article of mine in your magazine and let your weird world know, what we are. And no more horror movies please.

My fear got overlapped by a smile. I have got my article for the issue.

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5 thoughts on “Letter from a Ghost….

  1. Himani says:

    awesome! you wrote this priya???
    Gosh, gal you never stop amazing me both as a reader and a fellow writer.
    I am inspired…wow!

  2. …and you never stop motivating me for another “pen on”! I owe every post to you dear. Your words of appreciation give that much-needed boost to me… thanks a lotttt.

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