Retirement Plans- Backpacks and Chicken Pakoras

“For God sake honey!!!! I’ve been telling this for a lifetime now…Life is a lot more than sleeping and lazing around. So what if you have retired from work. There’s a lot left to do!!! “

“Baby, I had slogged for a good 3 decades to earn these precious moments… Stop bugging. And take my advice. Have some rest. Ask your Bahu to cook something for you …and for me as well. I feel like digging my teeth into spicy chicken pakoras with a glass of chilled beer.. Would you mind to share a glass or two? We’ll get some veg-pakoras made for you as well.”

chicken pakoras

chicken pakoras

“I am sorry. You carry on with your day-boozing. And bug your daughter-in-law with these “out-of-the-blue” demands, till she puts her foot down and walks away with your son. Then keep on cribbing for the rest of the days of your life that “Ajkal ki bahue bas ghar todna janti hai.”

“God!!! Can’t argue with you anymore. Tell me what ‘else’ do you want me to do, after 30 years of continuous toil and trudge? How can I help you keep shut for a while or atleast make you spit out some love, which has now become as rare as my chicken pakoras”

“For a start, help me packing”’

“Pac..Packing!!!! For what? Now where are we heading to? We are just back from a month-long trip to the Americas, remember?”

“Just back? It’s been three months since we unpacked after the US trip. It’s time we head to Europe. I have prepared the itinerary, made a list of things we need to bring from there, and most importantly, booked tickets for us… ah, the hotel is also booked”

“And you didn’t care to inform me?”

“What would you have done had I taken pains to inform you? In any case, you would be sleeping your time off till the hour of departure. So I thought, why bother you with the news.”

“Priya, you are impossible !!!!!!”

And they fly off to their nth vacation to a distant, yet delightful land of sun, snow and sand.
Hmmm…that’s the dream, I have been cradling all my life. My husband is exactly the way described here. His favorite pastime being sleeping, sleeping and yes, sleeping, after retirement, he plans to get up in the mornings to sleep again after a heavy breakfast (prepared by his daughter-in-law), then get up again to watch a movie or two before he has his lunch(prepared by his daughter-in-law, again) and doze off again. Evenings would be spiced up with some sizzlers( daughter-in-law bothered again)

the oppressed bahu

the oppressed bahu

and glasses of beer and a good sound date with his bed and pillow again after dinner (I pity her!).
retirement plans

retirement plans

For me, it’s all about backpacks, and travel shoes. No I am not going to wait till retirement to make this dream come true. …
retirement plans

retirement plans

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3 thoughts on “Retirement Plans- Backpacks and Chicken Pakoras

  1. i too would want a life like this post-retirement 😀

  2. Many thanks for utilizing time to write “Retirement Plans- Backpacks and
    Chicken Pakoras | creativwins”. Thanks again -Debbra

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