The gene that passed on well..

It was when I asked him, “mummy office se ate hue kya lau apke liye?” and pat came the reply, “Story-book, aur kuch nahi”, I realized that I had (quite successfully) passed on the reading-gene to my son. Certainly, it has passed on to him, and has passed on pretty well!
If I say, I was elated to hear that, I wouldn’t be doing justice to that blissful moment when my son expressed his growing craze for the ‘written word’. Those who know me would have sworn he could perfectly be called Junior Priya after hearing how he disowned the worldly charms for a set of bright-coloured, graphically adorned story books at the so tender age of 2!
I hope I could capture the awe in his eyes when he listens to how a little boy named Parth undertook the adventure journey of the skies on a butterfly’s back only to bring back a necklace of stars for his grandma! The big, black eyes that welled-up listening to the tragic tale of naughty, disobedient Pinku who had to undergo a series of injections on his hands (and bums) for not listening to his mother and gulping down chilled water; and oh, the crackling laughter that brightened up his face (and mine) listening to the antics of Tommy, the dog and how he helped his masters finish their food, makes me come up with more and more stories. Mind you, Parth Mandal hates plagiarism. He would almost instantly lose interest and start fiddling with something or the other if he gets to listen the usual thirsty crow, greedy dog like stories.
So amid those client deliverables, I churn out few tales for my Prince. One to make him eat, one to lull him to sleep and few to just see his sometimes delighted, sometimes astonished face and find myself in those deep, black eyes.

The story-telling mom

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One thought on “The gene that passed on well..

  1. cherylmoore says:

    Hi, it’s good to meet you. You’ve given your son one of the most precious gifts in the world.

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