Mind-block and Moral of the Story

Isn’t it strange that I never experienced a writer’s block, till the time the word got added to my vocabulary? When writing was a passion that complemented an un-related profession, it came effortlessly. Alas, I got carried away and accepted my passion as a full-time vocation. The moment I started making money out of it, I started getting the seizures of a creatively blocked mind more frequently than the accepted limits.
Reading made me even more restless as there were times when I failed to produce on paper what a well-written book/blog would evoke in me. It was when I became a mother, my KRA got updated with a new pointer i.e. to imbibe my child with something that makes me what I am – the love of the written word.
Surprisingly, my son seems to have born with a love for stories- the creative, the better. So every morning came with a new challenge- to get my son an enthralling bed-time story. I would shamelessly assign the job to Google and I must say it tried hard. It would get back to me with scores of websites and blogs that narrated stories out of Hitopdesh, Panchatantra, Aesop’s fables and the like. But before long I realized, that I never wanted my son to learn what you are darned to become in Kalyug. The tales of a Brahman being robbed of his goat by 4 cunning thieves, a blind vulture who was tricked into getting killed for trusting a scheming cat and a camel who was ditched into becoming a lion’s meal by unscrupulous friends are just among a wide list of fables that one can find as moral stories for kids.
Sure, I would never want my child to be meek and foolish, but being cunning is not among the first lessons I would want my son to learn. Rather than teaching him to be aware of shrewd friends, I would want him to be trustworthy. Before imbibing the moral of ‘survival of the fittest’ in him, I want him to be amiable and compassionate towards the so-called unfit.
Now this problem came with a solution that not only gave my son a morally, entertaining story every night, but also came as a cure to my writer’s block seizures. I started making up stories that effectively taught my child what I wanted him to learn about the world. The lessons of being human sans the skills of scheming. Hence, born a blog that serves as a repository of my tales. And a web-name that tells the world my current role on the stage of life – TheStoryTellingMom.
However, since my son loves the hard-bound colourfully illustrated books, I plan to get printed a copy of self-made stories and gift him one on each of his birthdays. Every book would be according to his interest and comprehension levels. With each passing year, I plan to make my stories grow with my son.
Although I say, I am helping my child learn the lessons of life with this endeavour; it is actually the other way round.

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2 thoughts on “Mind-block and Moral of the Story

  1. ur son is a lucky boy! 🙂

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