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My First Lady

My life was like any other life

And so was my wife

So you know now

That I am going to talk about my married life.


Ha! Fooled you. No dear,

It’s neither about my life

Nor about my married life,

But about a day when I saw a change in my wife


Go, have fun! She said,

I know that’s unbelievable for you!

She also added, “Take her for dinner,

Coz I have booked a table for two”


Flabbergasted, yet pleased

I got ready for my date,

She asked me to hurry up,

Today, I shouldn’t be late.


Dressed in the finest of suits from my wardrobe,

I drove to pick my date at the other end of the town

I had called her and asked to wait for me

In my favourite crimson shaded gown


She had abided, she always had,

Even when she was brisk and lively.

Years later, she had still cared

Even though she couldn’t take a single step surely.


How lovely! I complimented

And mind you, I meant every word.

But I must say, she looked prettier

Than the words I had mustered


I took her by her arm,

Carefully, gracefully,

For she was my lady

My first lady, literally.


I had plans to fine dine with her

Thought she would like it that ways,

But she wanted the evening

To be like those good old days


Those days, when she had to hold me

With her love and a cooked-up story

Lest I would run away,

Leaving the unfinished bread and curry


If a 5 year old me insisted

to sit on her cushiony lap

Like an infant, like a baby

She would put me to nap


Relishing those days of yore

We had so much fun with each other

What a date it was, what a time it was

When for the last time I was with my mother.

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