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Myriad Me



Bright Colors















She looked at those colours

And hoped she could paint someday,

The haze, the mist, and the dew-drops

And the scene of a child at play



Then she came across a prose,

So lyrical, so penetrating

She said, I guess I am in love

And that she would make love to writing


I hope you know, these days love happens

Not once, but over and over again,

It’s okay to move on, but make sure

None of your flings go in vein


For every kiss, not only the first

Leaves an imprint on you,

Makes you rosier, makes you happier

And you meet a ‘better you’


Embrace everything that comes to you

Learn everything that life teaches

For experience is a better teacher

Than those saintly preaches

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I am reborn: speaks a mom’

That's Parth

Like a bud, like a bloom,
Like an unexpected loom,
You came to me like bliss,
Like a dewy, adoring kiss

You know I love you,
I know you do,
Coz, you are my bit,
And im yours too.

You smile, you play,
And want me to stay
Coz you know, I can’t live
Keeping you at bay

When I now write for you
O’ my lovely lil’ kin,
I don’t know it’s my soul,
Or God speaks from within

I worship the moment,
the minute, the day,
when you became mine
I ardently pray

O lord, the ruler, the Almighty,
How should I thank you,
To have chosen to gift
A baby as pure the morning dew….

Dedicated to my son, Parth, who came as a blessing 9 months ago

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