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He liked her.
She liked him.
Till they scrolled down.


Ek choti si love story

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Myriad Me



Bright Colors















She looked at those colours

And hoped she could paint someday,

The haze, the mist, and the dew-drops

And the scene of a child at play



Then she came across a prose,

So lyrical, so penetrating

She said, I guess I am in love

And that she would make love to writing


I hope you know, these days love happens

Not once, but over and over again,

It’s okay to move on, but make sure

None of your flings go in vein


For every kiss, not only the first

Leaves an imprint on you,

Makes you rosier, makes you happier

And you meet a ‘better you’


Embrace everything that comes to you

Learn everything that life teaches

For experience is a better teacher

Than those saintly preaches

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Is it hate

or the heat

from the heart

set ablaze?

When I go wow

at your feat,

when I say ‘hats off’

to your wins..

Is it praise

or the grunt

of my ego

bearing the brunt?

when the world

says you are awesome,

I quickly check

what’s behind your stardom…

Is it happiness

or am i just bothered

if your win is bigger

than my loss?

If for nothing else,I can thank my subjects of envy for this post idea 🙂

Is it hateor the heat…

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The voice that speaks from within…

The voice that speaks from within…

When you hear whispers on a silent night or a busy day

When you want to express and you want to say

That however cold life may be, however grey

You know you can’t rest, you know you can’t stay

When the world grows lousy

And the airs go dry

Your heart whimpers in agony

It wants to cry

There is nothing that pleases

Nothing seems to give a clue

You know you want just one thing

That is to make your dreams come true….

Life knows how to make you tough

As a rock or as steel

It gives you the chance, that’s rough

No matter how you feel.

And finally when it happens

Out of the night cold and blue

You rub your eyes and think it’s not true

There is still something you can do.

Listen to your heart and go by its words

You have missed a lot; there were things you didn’t care

You said, life is to live, but never put any efforts

To make it worth living, inspiring and fair

If that’s true, if that touches

Then get up and get going

To set right those glitches

that were haunting and echoing

It’s not me, it’s not you,

it’s just not the heavens above.

it’s your dream which speaks from within…

– Composed by Priya Mandal

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The Quest of Life: The unsolved riddle

Presentation designed by Priya Mandal

Whenever my mind begins to ponder

over this deep, dark secret,

however hard tried, I wonder,

my wisdom fails to get it correct.

O! you wise people of the world

can you lend your wits?

to crack the puzzle which bothers,

though I strive hard to solve it.

What is life? The meaning? The definition?

go on, give yourself a try,

for it still remains a stubborn question

which never fades nor gets dry.

some say, it’s about celebrating each day

some smile and face it as it comes their way.

some stagger and stammer at the sight of perils,

others vile away the moments in nags, jibes and quarrel.

there are warriors, who fight their battle

till their last beat and breathe.

but this world is not devoid of those

who sacrifice their life and embrace death.

Still, life is the same to all of us

whether we wish or not,

with boulders and pits all along the path

where we leap, sprint and trot.

careful, watch every single step,

for we never know what lies next

you miss a beat, alas! you go,

leaving unaccomplished your lone quest.

so what, if you fell,

c'mon you can still stand up,

for failure is not in falling,

but it’s failing to get up.

life to me is just living

and wearing an everlasting smile

for it makes you tough as a wall,

and never lets you be glassy fragile.

Still, you can define it with a difference

if not heartily satisfied.

for it still remains a stubborn question,

no matter how many times tried.

- Written by Priya Mandal