He liked her.
She liked him.
Till they scrolled down.


Ek choti si love story

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“Even a minute of pretension weighs tonnes on your conscience. It’s better to admit being below par than to pretend being superior”
~ Creativwins

“Even a minute …

My love for you doubles, each time you prove one of those post-marriage jokes false.

Dedicated to the Spouse

My love for you doubles, …

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Of course life’s a suspense novel. But i’m gonna kill the suspense for you. In the end, everything’s going to be ….. just fine.

The optimistic self

Of course life’s a suspe…

Not being able to do something has less to do with the difficulty of the task, and more to do with the swarming array of thoughts that pose a distraction

~ Creativwins

Not being able to do some…

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Every city does its best to be searched for in the map.
The smaller the city, the desperate it is.

~ Creativwins

Every city does its best…

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I write. I scrape. And while at that, I lament for every word vanished.

The dilemma of a writer, accused of being possessive of her works

I write. I scrape. And w…

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Is it hate

or the heat

from the heart

set ablaze?

When I go wow

at your feat,

when I say ‘hats off’

to your wins..

Is it praise

or the grunt

of my ego

bearing the brunt?

when the world

says you are awesome,

I quickly check

what’s behind your stardom…

Is it happiness

or am i just bothered

if your win is bigger

than my loss?

If for nothing else,I can thank my subjects of envy for this post idea 🙂

Is it hateor the heat…

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Youth is liked being a cup of coffee,
you are liked being too hot or chilled.
life’s like a glass of lukewarm water.


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