Going around the world.. on my wings

Whenever someone asks me what my interests are, I say, apart from writing, it’s travelling. What all places have I explored? Why? Did I say, travelling is my hobby? I said it is my interest. And for a middle class, Indian woman, there is a world of a difference between interests and hobbies. I love to go places and dreamt to be a travel writer someday. But don’t get to travel much to be one. Wanted to work with some of those travel shows on NDTV Good Life (confessions of a travel bag, a lone woman traveler, 10 things to do before you say bye etc.) or with travel related websites like Lonely Planet, but here I am, with my keyboard enclosed in the four walls of responsibilities and obligations, imagining myself snorkeling amongst sea turtles in the Pacific, lazing on a laid back beach in Hawaii and drinking hot chocolate in Sydney… Thankfully, these travel websites(I love Lonely Planet) give your imaginations enough wings to take you wherever you wish..
Surely, (I have fought (and won) with my hubby over this) I will be saving for my year end vacations on some outlandish, exotic and striking place of visit. So once in 365 days you will be getting a travel article at PriyaGettingCreative. So watch out this space for some great backpacking adventure.. that might happen (sigh!)


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